Joining Poly-Monde

• How?

Every year, a recruitment period is organized so that each and every student who is interested in joining Poly-Monde can submit an application.

• When?

The recruitment period usually takes place in March.

• Who?

Only registered undergraduate and graduate students from Polytechnique Montréal are allowed to join Poly-Monde. For undergraduate students, a minimum of 60 credits is required to be eligible.

What is the recruitment process?

1. Submit your resume and a cover letter during the recruitment period;

2. Interview for selected candidates.

Can my involvement in the Poly-Monde mission be part of an undergraduate orientation?

Yes. Once you are selected to join the Poly-Monde mission, you commit to take the IND8115 and IND8116 courses during the fall and winter semesters, respectively. These two courses are part of the International Projects orientation.


Poly-Monde Facts and Figures

60 industrial visits in Quebec and abroad;

Over 30 years of experience;

21 engineering students;

3 economic sectors studied each year;

1 comparative analysis of the studied key industries delivered in the form of a report

How to become a partner?

Consult our partnership booklet and contact us by e-mail at

How to organize a virtual or an in-person visit?

Consult our presentation booklet and contact us by e-mail at

When collaborating with Poly-Monde,

• Where will my business benefit from visibility?

After each visit, Poly-Monde writes an article about the visit and publishes it on all its social media.

All partners benefit from their respective advantages according to our partnership grid available in our partnership booklet. Notably, they can include the publication of a company’s article on our social media platforms and in the analysis report, as well as the organization and realization of a major event like a case study.

Finally, all partners and companies are featured and thanked on our social media and in our final report.

• Will we be able to recruit?

Of course! Generally, Poly-Monde’s members are in their third or final year of undergraduate studies. Some are even graduate students. Thus, you will be able to receive every resume and contact the talents that interest you and your company. For more recruitment opportunities, please consult our partnership booklet.

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