Poly-Monde conducts an industrial visit in order to learn more about your company, your challenges, your market and your future aspirations. The members of Poly-Monde, curious and eager for your knowledge, arrive prepared and ready to discuss in order to deepen their knowledge of your company’s economic and technological plans. Moreover, your expertise on the various subjects linking your company to its sector of activity will help identify issues and challenges both locally and internationally.

It is therefore during these meetings with various firms in your industry that the team will be able to understand the structure, dynamics and context of your sector of activity in order to write our mission report. You will find below a non-exhaustive list of typical questions that could be asked during a team visit.


What is your company’s history since its creation?
How do you allocate human resources both locally and internationally?

Research and development

How do you manage R&D in your company?
Who are your R&D partners?
How does innovation manifest itself in your industry?

Current Events

How has the global pandemic affected your business?
What changes have you had to make to adapt to this new situation?


What are the major changes in the industry over the last few years?
How has the market evolved from your foundation to the present day?
What are the economic challenges and issues that your sector will face in the near future?
How has globalization changed your business model?
What are your advantages in comparison to international competition?

Structural Policy

What roles do governments play in your economic activities?
What are the government policies that govern your business and commerce?
How is the specialized workforce in your sector distinctive?

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